QSR Industry Insights & Oatly IPO & Successful Event

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In this short post, here are some insights about the changing consumption patterns in the Quick Service Retail (QSR) market, the Oatly IPO and an update from the event we held.

QSR Media held a conversation with three major food brands in Australia to identify trends. The brand's interviewed:

  1. Subway (~1311 Stores in Australia)
  2. Chatime (~120 Stores in Australia)
  3. Food Co (Jamaica Blue (~119) and Muffin Break (~210)

Here are the trends they are witnessing:

  • Consumers are now buying smaller amounts and snacking throughout the day.
  • According to Food Co - there is a rise in vegan, low carb and gluten-free.
  • Consumers are also looking for an experience and not just a product.
  • They are also seeking a seamless experience.
  • With the rise in type 2 diabetes rates in Australia, healthier food is the trend.

To read more – check out this link

I see #vstars community members talk about Jamaica Blue having a delicious vegan menu – food for thought.

Secondly, Swedish oatmilk brand Oatly has submitted the initial filing for the US Stock Exchange. And their valuation is estimated to be between $5 - $10Billion. Wow! At the higher watermark, this is four times the valuation of Beyond Meat when they launched.

To read more – check out think from Food Ingredients First website link.

I'm chuffed to see a pioneering brand like Oatly grow so wild.

So what's all the buzz about?

At the event last week, we dived into the Drivers Accelerating a Plant-based World shared how businesses can ready themselves in their categories.

With most of the attendees staying well past the official finish times – I would say it was a huge success. So why was it good?

  1. The presentation & breakout spaces for attendees to apply points raised.
  2. Connection with other vegan businesses & collaborations
  3. Open Q&A – where we answered the hot topic raised on the night.

Amanda from The Kynd Kitchen had this to say:

The event was great! I felt uplifted afterwards. The networking & presentation showed new possibilities - vegan businesses need to get a move on!

Vegan businesses can be so supportive; we just need to reach out and connect! This event provided opportunities for future collaborations."

If you are yet to attend our event series, reply back to me, and I'll send you an invite.

We also raised $180 for Peanuts Wellbeing Sanctuary, which does fantastic work to break the cycle of abuse. 😊

Pretty cool, yeah?

Enjoy your weekend everyone. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Keep safe and keep on shining brighter,

Bob Ratnarajah

Ps - If you want to attend the next event - Drivers Accelerating a Plant-based World. Contact us for the access codes.