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    The traditional business model did not value the sustainability of the planet or the treatment of other stakeholders.


    At Purpose with Profit (PwP), we have developed our own methodology to measure business success based on Purpose, People, Planet strategies as well as Profit. We have a hidden strategy called Precision as well. Together, they are 5P's. These strategies map to Purpose + Profit + ESG (Environment, Societal, & Governance).


    The rise of the conscious consumer means that these additional pillars will enable your business to grow into the future and outshine a crowded marketplace.


    Many impact businesses fail to secure their Profit drivers before expansion, limiting their growth, and risking their business. On the other hand, some focus on profit, and their real purpose is hidden behind the scenes.


    PwP is led by Bob Ratnarajah, founder, CEO, and Entrepreneur in Residence, with over 20 years of experience in business strategy.



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    Bob Ratnarajah (CEO)

    Bob is a market builder, market enabler and market participant in growing the purpose-led economy, with a social purpose of growing the plant-based economy.


    He is an award-winning strategic business practitioner, who has spent twenty years guiding businesses of all sizes. Since 2017, he has been immersed in supporting purpose-led businesses, identifying barriers to growth.


    Bob’s expertise comes from the field of business analysis and accounting, and he can paint stories with data, using scorecards. He has worked in a diverse range of industries, from Virgin Mobile to Cochlear and the Australian Tax Office, and has built budgets from start-up to $500M.


    Bob builds tribes, studies well-being and incorporates the Theory of Change. He raised a plant-based community and co-founded a not-for-profit in his native language.

    As a speaker, trainer, facilitator of industry events, Bob shares unique and motivational insights into the impact industry. These can be to a board, impact investors or impact businesses, like:


    💡Building Tribes Around Your Brand (July 2023)

     💡Ready For Growth Diagnostic Workshops for Impact Businesses

    💡Plant-based Food Disruption - The Lessons for Your Industry

    💡 The five reasons people are moving in a plant-based direction. (World Vegfest, USA, 2012)


  • Experts Network

    To grow your business to the next level, you may need advisors who can provide fresh insights. At PwP, we can introduce you to talented experts with commercial or impact experience, who are supporting the growth of the purpose-led economy.

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