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Create Greater Impact

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To start a purpose-led business is not easy. Firstly, you care.

You care a LOT and not just about recycling.

You are not just making plant-based foods, but you care about many environmental and social justice topics.

Sometimes, the burden of all these topics can be too much to stand.

On top of this, you have to navigate your business through Covid-19.

Circle of Concern

One of the books I treasure the most is the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. In this, Covey discusses two points:

  • Circle of Influence
  • Circle of Concern

And I have added a third, the Circle of Control.

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The control relates to all aspects of life you have direct control; from your health, mindset, money matters and those you have around you.

Your circle of influence sits a little outside of your circle of control. Your influence grows through your family and friends, business network, and of course, your customers.

As your business becomes larger, your circle of influence grows.

Then we have the circle of concern. If the circle of concern is too large, it can become daunting or a burden to carry.

You may find this stifling.

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Sadly, I see many purpose-led businesses worrying about so many topics which can hold them back on their business.

There is a lot in this world that is not right or just. If we keep focussing our attention on these, it distracts our attention from where we can create the most impact & change.

Many of you have terrific products & services.


The greatest way to grow your impact & create a better world is to grow your business.

After all, if not you, then who?