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The Biggest Disruption in Food is Approaching….Are You Ready?

We are witnessing the early stages of the largest disruption in food production patterns since the industrial revolution and the discovery of NPK (Nitrogen Potassium, and Phosphorous) in fertilisers.

When KFC and Tyson foods (largest meat manufacturer in the USA) announce they are moving into plant-based products, the tipping point is becoming closer.

So what’s changed lately? Why the sudden rise? Having nurtured a vegetarian & vegan community of 2000 members since 2009, I observed the motivation for change.

While the traditional reasons were religion or animal ethics, new motivators like health, sustainability and food justice started to grow. I presented these at the US World Vegfest in 2012.

Today, major institutions and government bodies are accelerating the change with the focus on the environment and health.

  • Leading Medical journals (The Lancet) says ‘Civilisation is in Crisis’ due to our food consumption patterns for our health and the planet – Eat Forum - The Lancet
  • In 2018, major sustainable groups like Greenpeace started advocating for Less [meat] is More campaign.
  • People start caring more about animals. This is demonstrated in Australia with one major party now looking to ban live export.
  • And finally – the UN Calls for greater awareness about the impact of that burger? This image best captures this...#solvedifferent
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But, as Margaret Mead said

"it is easier to change a man’s religion than to change his diet​"

Hence the need for animal-free proteins and this summit.

The Disruption in Food & Sustainability Summit (DFSS) is bringing industry and thought leaders in the plant-based meat space. I attended the summit last year and made valuable connections from South East Asia. Here are my highlights from 2018.

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I am delighted to be joining the panel of speakers at the Disruption n Food Summit in Singapore.

The DFSS is taking place on March 29th, 2019 at the Grand Hyatt, Singapore. The focus of the summit is on raising awareness and enabling growth of:

  • Plant-Based Meat
  • Alternative Protein
  • Clean Meat (cell-based meat)
  • Non- food (Packaging) across the value chain
  • Investment Opportunities & Incubators
  • Plant-based & Sustainability outlook – European, APAC, and ANZ

And how businesses can utilise innovation, partnerships and technology as enablers.

Keynote speakers include:

  • Andy Kusumo, Director of Science and Technology, Monde Nissin (Quorn)
  • Jordan Sadowsky, Director of International Expansion, Impossible Foods
  • Kelvin Ng, Head, Strategic Innovation, Bioprocessing Technology Institute Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)
  • Elaine Siu, Managing Director – Asia Pacific, Good Food Institute  
  • Verena Wiederkehr, International Head of Food, Industry & Retail, ProVeg International
  • Rob Hulme, Head of Asia, Beanstalk Agtech    

Just to name a few.

It warms my heart to see an Asian country taking the lead in holding this type of summit in APAC Region.

DFSS is the Flagship event of the Alliance for a Responsible Future (ARF), a corporate engagement programme in Singapore that aims to create a platform for plant-based companies and organisations looking to be greener and healthier to reach out to the plant-based & sustainability-conscious community.

If you are interested in joining me for this event, there are some tickets available. Register your interest here

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