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Power of Purpose and the Surprise at Naturally Good Expo

Consumer Trends from Australian and the US at the Naturally Good Expo

Here are the highlights of the Naturally Good Expo and the Business Summit   and the importance of Purpose. Let’s start with the most important…   Purpose
Over the last 18 months, I have spoken to 100’s plant-based businesses. Many of you have started the business with a sense of purpose.
Your purpose can be for the animals, environment or health or all of the above.
I recently attended an event on Purpose with Afdhel Aziz, who speaks to corporate marketing audiences across the world. He is the author of the book Good is the New Cool: How to market like you give a damn.
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Why does this matter?

Many large corporates are changing for the better. They will start to ‘do good’ to win over the public, e.g. Unilever and vegan magnums.
While this is a good thing, the ‘conscious consumer‘ will expect purpose-based businesses, like yours, to outshine them.

However, in my observation, many business owners are still holding their purpose close to their chest. The inner circle of loyal customers know their purpose, but this can be communicated so much better to a much wider audience.
I was invited to attend Afdhel’s event based on my work in measuring businesses with Purpose & Planet strategies.

Our Business Growth Readiness Diagnostic allows businesses to measure how they are performing in five key pillars:

  • Purpose: (beyond marketing). For example, at Beta Catalyst Consulting, We believe business can be a force of good. So, we enable good businesses to be greater, to change the world sooner.
  • People: (staff & client engagement)
  • Planet: (eco & business model)
  • Profit: (financial metrics and funding)
  • Precision: (strategy, capacity & expertise)

Measuring these pillars leads to identifying & strengthening strategic gaps – which attracts consumers and investors.
If you would like to find out more, do contact us for a 15 complimentary session.

Naturally Good Food Expo

I am happy to share there is a massive shift towards plant-based at the Naturally Good Expo this year. Sure there was the usual manuka honey, whey & now insect protein, but the vast majority of the food items were completely plant-based.

It was also great to see familiar faces present at the expo.

  • Dwayne Martens - Amazonia Tender Jack (pulled jackfruit)
  • Samantha & Tim  - Raw Passion (plant-based dessert business)
  • Chris & the team - Unreal Co (plant-based burgers & schnitzels)
  • Jaypee & Victoria – Jimalie (coconut products)
  • Billy Simmonds – Prana On ( plant-based protein)
  • Keith & Anthony – Uncle Harry’s (burgers)

Holding a stall at the expo is a considerable investment. And yet, all of these stallholders were blown away by demand this year.
The buyers were out! All the major grocery buyers and distributors are looking for plant-based products because of consumer-led demand.

In summary – if you have a quality plant-based product – now is your time to shine!

If you are not sure about your next steps, do contact us to find out how you can put yourself in front of buyers.



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Naturally Good Expo Business Summit

The business summit is where industry thought leaders and businesses share industry trends and their success stories. It’s well worth attending.

A few small businesses also pitch at the event to be in front of industry leaders. The winner of the pitching contest receives a free booth at next year’s event.
Lis Armstrong from plant-based Treat Dreams pitched year. Lis just missed out, coming runner up to Swag Bag. She gained some valuable contacts and insights along the way.
I hope to see more plant-based businesses pitch next year (hint, hint)
What’s new 2019/2020 from the Business Summit?
We know that the quick service retail market is flat if not going slightly backwards.
However, plant-based food trends are on the up.
Generational Shift – Millennials and Gen Z are supporting companies with a social mission.
This is a major reason why Beta Catalyst Consulting highlights the Purpose and the Planet Pillars to measure how any business is standing out from the crowd.

Other Grocery trends: much of the middle areas in the grocery aisle are in decline, from sugary cereals to salad dressings to canned soups. What is on the up? All things related to health.

  • Adaptogens - substances used in herbal medicine for the claimed stabilisation of physiological processes and promotion of homeostasis.
  • Gut Health – All things related to pre & probiotics.
  • Eco- Packaging – The consumer caring more about minimum packaging and eco-packaging.
  • Nootropics - supplements, and other substances that may improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation, in healthy individuals.
  • Beauty products from inside out – Edible Beauty in Australia and of course this will give rise to wholefood plant-based foods and snacks.
  • All things plant-based – especially meats, ice cream, snacks, and milk.

The future is looking bright for vegan and plant-based. Here’s to your business and personal success.


Bob Ratnarajah