QLD Covid-19 Support Packages for Businesses & Individuals 2021

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Many businesses are yet again facing the challenge of extensive lockdowns due to the Covid-19 outbreak.  

In this summary, we share thes upport packages available to those in Queensland

We have a national standard ofsupport from the Federal government announcement. The State Governments administer thedistribution of the grants.  

Furthermore, each State has their business support packages as well.  

The purpose of these packagesis to protect businesses and the livelihoods of the staff who would otherwisebe unemployed.  

***Beyond the media releases, the policy is frequently changing. Return to this blog to see the latest releases.***    

There may even be an opportunity here for you to not just survive but thrive coming out the other side.    

At Purpose With Profit, we have assisted plant-based businesses through Covid-19 last year. Our startup tools can uncover new revenue options. At the same time, our extensive network of experts can help in all business areas, including tax advisory, grants and much more.   

Queensland Business Support Packages   

Queensland Government has recentlyannounced several packages for small businesses who are impacted by Covid-19 lockdowns. The eligibility:   

  • South East Queensland lockdown that commenced on 31 July 2021 
  • Cairns and Yarrabah lockdown that commenced on 8 August 2021 
  • any further Queensland lockdowns in August 2021. 
  • Turnover greater than $75K 
  • Payroll upto $10M   

All the supporting grants are listed 

  • Business Support Grant of $5000 for for lockdown-impacted businesses with greater than $75K revenue and up to $10M payroll. 
  • Deep Cleaning Rebate for businesses who have confirmed cases of Covid-19. The costs will cover up to 80% of the costs to the maximum amount of $10,000.
  • Commercial Lease negotiation. Similar to the Victorian announcement, there’s a guide of rent reduction and waiver for the revenue % impacted by Covid-19.  in other words, the rent is reduced inline with the revenue decrease. From the reduction, 50% is waived, and 50% is deferred. There are specific guidelines, click on the link for more.


***If you are having difficulties with your landlord, speak to a lawyer and your local parliamentarian***

  • If you have apprentices, you may qualify for the Federal Government Job Trainer Apprentice Supplement. 
  • If you need help with energy bills, you may qualify for energy payment support.
  • For the tourism and hospitality sector, you can apply for extended andexpanded payroll tax deferral for 6 months.     

For Queensland Individuals (who were employed & impacted)   

How much you get depends on the period you’re claiming for and the hoursof work you lost. You’ll get the appropriate payment amount for each paymentperiod you’re eligible for. If you lost at least 8 but less than 20 hours or afull day of work for that week, you’ll get $450 if you’re eligible. 

If you lost 20 hours ormore for that week, you’ll get $750 if you’re eligible. 

Click here to find out more. 


Covid-19 is continuing to be the most disruptive event since the 2nd World War. In Australia, the Federal and State governments are doing the best they can to support you to through this incredibly tough period.  

You are doing well. Do remember this.  

If you can create time to work ON the business instead of IN the business, remember the Chinese proverb for crisis is opportunity

While having one shop or a few product lines is a success, with the growing demand for veganism, there maybe new channels or even whole new products yet to be commercialised. If you are curious about how we uncover these, do connect with us. 

In the 2020 Lockdown, we connected plant-based businesses in different regions to hear best practices in a safe and confidential online space. These events fostered collaborations too. We’ll be kick-starting this again to ensure businesses don’t just survive this lockdown but thrive on the other side. We’ll invite experts and plant-based pioneers to speak.  

If you want to find out more, email info (at) purposewithprofit.co 

Until we meet again,  

Stay safe & keep onshining brighter,