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    With continued disruption, operating a business has never been more challenging.


    Yet, the purpose-led & plant-based market is exploding worldwide, and small businesses are struggling to keep up.


    Big businesses are entering the purpose-led space. This is great news for the sustainability of the planet.


    But what about you?


    We work with pioneering purpose-led brands that want to grow their business and stand out in the market.


    We specialise in plant-based food products and services.


    We serve purpose-led service businesses.


    We support intermediaries to capacity build the impact businesses in their network.



  • Purpose-led businesses should not be left behind

    by the wave of growth

    They deserve to be leading from the front.

    Business founders have an incredible amount of grit and determination, but that alone is not enough.


    Discover our business growth insights & strategies

    for a greater, more impactful business.

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    The traditional business model did not value the sustainability of the planet or the treatment of other stakeholders.


    At Purpose with Profit (PwP), we have developed our own methodology to measure business success based on Purpose, People, Planet strategies as well as Profit. We have a hidden strategy called Precision as well. Together, they are 5P's. These strategies map to Purpose + Profit + ESG (Environment, Societal, & Governance).


    The rise of the conscious consumer means that these additional pillars will enable your business to grow into the future and outshine a crowded marketplace.


    Many impact businesses fail to secure their Profit drivers before expansion, limiting their growth, and risking their business. On the other hand, some focus on profit, and their real purpose is hidden behind the scenes.


    PwP is led by Bob Ratnarajah, founder, CEO, and Entrepreneur in Residence, with over 20 years of experience in business strategy.



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    Bob Ratnarajah (CEO)

    Bob is an award-winning strategic finance practitioner, who has spent twenty years guiding businesses of all sizes.


    Bob’s expertise comes from the field of business analysis and accounting, and he can paint stories with data, using scorecards. He has worked in a diverse range of industries, from Virgin Mobile to Cochlear and the Australian Tax Office, and has built budgets from start-up to $500M.


    Bob is a thought leader in the plant-based economy, having raised a community called V Stars, with 2500 members and supported impact businesses of all sizes.

    As a speaker and facilitator of industry events, Bob shares unique and motivational insights into the impact industry. These can be to a Board, impact investors or impact businesses, like:

    • The five reasons people are moving in a plant-based direction. (World Vegfest, USA, 2012)
    • How businesses can adapt to the conscious consumer (Disruption in Food & Sustainability, Singapore, 2019)
    • 10,000 Year Food Disruption - The Lessons for Your Industry  
    • Ready For Growth Diagnostic  

  • Experts Network

    To grow your business to the next level, you may need advisors who can provide fresh insights. At PwP, we can introduce you to talented experts with commercial or impact experience, who are supporting the growth of the purpose-led economy.

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  • Services

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    Ready for Growth Diagnostic

    Founders & Senior Leadership Team

    Report & Review

    • A propriety scorecard to identify your business growth readiness.
    • Your business is assessed based on Purpose, People, Planet, Profit & Precision pillars  - IP shared on positioning approaches. 
    • Your business is evaluated based on category and industry trends in your region & global.
    • For leadership teams & founders. 
    • Three revenue/funding actions.
    • Over 90% of businesses prioritise 
      new actions.
    • An executive report & summary review.
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    Speaking & Facilitation

    Boards & SLT

    Keynote: 10,000 Year Food Disruption -

    Three Ways to Ready Your Business

    • Audience: Food Industry | Disruptive Industries.
    • Lessons can be applied to any industry.
    • Interactive presentation sharing insights about the drivers causing the disruption in the food industry.
    • Three ways businesses can evolve for the change.
    • This keynote can be tailored for Boards &      C-Level to better understand your target markets.


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    Strategic Business Growth Plan

    Qualified Select Clients

    Stage 1: Strategic Business Plan - Consulting

    (8-12 weeks)

    • Ready-for-Growth Diagnostic.
    • Apply start-up approaches to identify new revenue channels.
    • Create a business growth plan summarised on a single go-to page.
    • Business tools, videos & support on hand.


    Stage 2: Implementation - Retainer

    (9 months optional)

    • Regular sessions to keep you on track with growth challenges. 
    • Strategic experts are available for
      advice and guidance.
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    Ready For Growth

    Diagnostic - Workshops

    Impact Services & Products

    Online - Last Friday of Month

    • Impact services/products include indigenous businesses, social enterprise, sustainable, vegan businesses. 
    • Dedicated for experts wanting to grow their business & impact.
    • Better understanding the social impact landscape and why it’s growing faster now.

    • A greater understanding of your business growth readiness based on our 5P strategies.

    • Experience an open Q&A - addressing pressing issues.
    • Identify hidden gaps holding your business back
    • Connect with other aligned impact founders, like you.
    • Pre-session call & Workbook for actions  
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    Lend for Good


    Impact Brands

    Strategic Plan 'light'

    • Impact businesses need working capital to grow. 
    • Many impact businesses struggle to attract working capital at competitive rates. 
    • Purpose With Profit is an Intermediary for Lend For Good - a peer to peer lending platform, providing working capital at affordable rates.
    • Prevents dilution of shares at lower valuation.
    • Allows your fans & impact investors to directly participate & be rewarded for creating impact.  
    • It provides an opportunity for businesses to engage with intermediaries to capacity build and enable growth.
    • Our minimum lend is $100k. Here's our blog for more details.
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    Purpose With Profit

    Customised Consulting

    Over 15 Staff

    2 - 12 months

    • Bob has been described as the 'plant-based food encyclopedia' - knowing the drivers of the conscious consumer.
    • The impact business landscape is changing rapidly.
    • To win over conscious consumers, you'll need to share the impact you are creating. 
    • To keep and win quality talent, you'll need best of industry practices. 
    • To complete with bigger businesses, you'll need clever strategies to help your brand stand out and win loyal fans. 
    • If you are looking for investors for, our insights, strategies & scorecards to support your growth & tell a better story.
    • The 5P approach allows you maximise your growth and impact without sacrifice. 
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    Schedule a call to discuss your business challenges.


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    2. Discovery call

    Let’s discuss your needs, the business, and the next steps.

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    3. Choose your service

    Join one of our proven programs to help you reach your goals.


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    4. Expand your legacy

    Grow your business and impact, enjoying more quality time.


  • Praise

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    We started working together right when COVID hit, Bob was flexible around our needs and has our interest as well as the business growth in mind.


    Bob is incredibly knowledgeable about the Plant-Based Industry and it has been really great to be able to bounce ideas and challenges off someone so involved in ‘our world’.

    To an ever-growing plant-based world.


    Brittany - The Vegan Dairy

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    Sitting with Bob allowed me to step out of the everyday operation and step into a business mindset. Bob's Ready for Growth Diagnostic provided valuable insight as to how to monitor plant & purpose-based business and it brings in my personal success as well.

    Having worked in senior management roles, what impressed me the most was his experience and depth of industry knowledge.


    Adam - Buddha Bowl Cafe

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    Going through Thrive With Purpose Pogram has ensured we have not made a decision based on emotion and avoided costly business mistakes.

    We highly recommend the TWP program for plant-based and purpose-based business’ because there could be new
    models to grow the businesses, models you hadn’t even thought about!


    Emma & Adam - I Should be Souvlaki

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    In 2015, Bob co-ordinated efforts with the International Vegetarian Union to bring world leaders to Australia. He is extremely gifted in his ability to facilitate open and productive discussions, giving everyone a voice and ensuring that meaningful and united decisions are made. He has supported plant-based businesses for several years.


    Mark Berriman – Australian Veg Society

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    Bob has been instrumental in bringing knowledge and expertise to vegan business owners looking to grow.


    His facilitation of group information sessions has provided my business with new directions and insights that are having a direct positive impact on growth and profitability.


    Nicole Mahler – Delicious Foods Australia

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    With Bob, we became so laser focused. In a short time, we have progressed so far beyond our expectations.
    We have the right expertise on hand.


    Stephen & Joanne - The Compassionate Kitchen

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  • Acknowledging First Nations

    Purpose With Profit acknowledges the Darramuragal people of the Eora Nation as the traditional custodians of the land where we reside. Purpose With Profit acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the Traditional Custodians of the land we call Australia.
    We pay our respects to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders past, present, and emerging.